Tom Inglis Hall

  • Hand Made

Hand Made

Apostrophe’s Gallery, Syracuse, NY 2016

Hand Made was curated by the artist Andrew Havendand exploring the idea of the hand made object. Contemporary questions of material status and narrative empathy through a close relationship of material and the hierarchy of craft are explored. First shown at Apostrophe’s, Syracuse 2016.

Here are the two works I have in Hand Made along with Ann Clarke, Andrew Havenhand, Kevin Larmon, and Bob Ray.

A pair of angel wings encrusted in mirrored glass squares hangs from the ceiling, turning slowly, an object of desire, something to aim for, a dream and at the same time it reflects the disappointment of the reality around it.  Part two of It Could Be Paradise But It’s Only California is the culmination of the narrative from (part 1) summed up in one element. Here the spiritual light of disco tests the ambition of the first epic treks across the country against the frivolous cultural backdrop of Hollywood. The angel wings are at once a shining and inspiring icon of the American dream; the city of angels, reflected is a sad escapist world of silent music, lights and the dance floors.

Wired For Sound is built from the packaging we moved our home content to the U.S. It is a homemade improvised explosive device, ready and primed, it is an idealistic question to counter historical myths of good and bad.